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  1. lead a passive existence without using one's body or mind
  2. establish vegetation on
  3. produce vegetation
  4. grow like a plant
  5. grow or spread abnormally
  6. propagate asexually
  7. engage in passive relaxation
  8. be very passive
  9. grow
  10. sprout

vegetate Sentences in English

  1. निष्क्रिय पड़ा रहना
    After a hard day's work, i vegetate in front of the television.

  2. असामान्य रूप से बढ़ना
    Warts and polyps can vegetate if not removed.

  3. पौधे की तरह बढ़ना
    This fungus usually vegetates vigorously.

  4. पेड़-पौधे लगाना
    They vegetated the hills behind their house.

  5. निष्क्रिय जीवन बिताना
    I have been vegetating in this very closed and static institutional system.

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