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veto Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a vote that blocks a decision
  2. the power or right to prohibit or reject a proposed orintended act (especially the power of a chief executive toreject a bill passed by the legislature)
  3. refusal of permission
  1. vote against
  2. refuse to endorse
  3. refuse to assent
  4. command against
  5. refuse permission

veto Sentences in English

  1. वीटो
    For months there was a veto on employing new staff.

  2. निषेधाधिकार
    The british government used its veto to block the proposal./ the use of the presidential veto

  3. मना करना
    Mother vetoed the trip to the chocolate store

  4. अस्वीकार करना
    The president vetoed the bill.

  5. रोक देना
    Plans for the dam have been vetoed by the environmental protection agency.

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