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  1. rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms
  2. a tennis return made by hitting the ball before it bounces
  3. barrage
  1. be dispersed in a volley
  2. hit before it touches the ground
  3. discharge in, or as if in, a volley
  4. make a volley
  5. utter rapidly

volley Sentences in English

  1. वॉली
    He won most of the points on his vollies.

  2. बारूद की बौछार
    Our volley from the left flank caught them by surprise.

  3. झड़ी लगा देना
    Volley a string of curses

  4. बौछार करना
    The attackers volleyed gunshots at the civilians.

  5. वॉली मारना
    Volley the tennis ball

  6. झड़ी लगना
    Gun shots volleyed at the attackers.

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