wash out meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of wash out

wash out Sentences in English

  1. साफ होना  =  occur
    These grease stains won't wash out.

  2. मिटना  =  remove
    These ink stains won't wash out.

  3. रद्द करना
    The storm had washed out the game.

  4. साफ़ करना
    She managed to wash out the stains.

  5. धो कर गंदगी निकालना
    Wash out your dirty shirt in the sink.

  6. क्षय करना
    The hail storms had washed out the bridges.

  7. रंग उड़ा देना
    The harsh soap washed out the delicate blouse.

  8. रंग उड़ना
    The expensive shirt washed out in the german washing machine.

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