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  1. disposed of as useless
  2. located in a dismal or remote area
  3. useless or profitless activity
  4. (law) reduction in the value of an estate caused by act orneglect
  1. spend thoughtlessly
  2. throw away
  3. use inefficiently or inappropriately
  4. get rid of
  5. run off as waste
  6. get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing
  7. spend extravagantly
  8. lose vigor, health, or flesh, as through grief
  9. cause to grow thin or weak
  10. devastate or ravage
  11. waste away
  12. spend or use without thought; dwindle
  13. ruin
  14. destroy
  1. spending
  2. use without thought
  3. land that is uncultivated
  4. garbage
  5. refuse

waste Sentences in English

  1. बंजर  =  barren
    Waste land.

  2. वीरान  =  desolate
    The stolen car was found on a piece of waste ground.

  3. गंदा  =  dirty
    Waste water.

  4. रद्दी  =  useless
    Waste paper/matter.

  5. अपशिष्ट  =  worthless
    Waste material produced by the manufacturing process.

  6. कूड़ा-कचरा
    A lot of household waste can be recycled.

  7. निर्जन स्थान  =  desolate land
    The icy wastes of the antarctic.

  8. जूठन  =  food
    The kitchen is fitted with a waste disposal unit.

  9. कूड़ा-करकट  =  refuse
    A lot of household waste can be recycled.

  10. बर्बादी  =  ruination
    Waste of time/money/energy/effort.

  11. रद्दी  =  scraps
    You can sell your office waste and buy some english grammar books for your better study.

  12. अवशेष  =  useless remains
    Nuclear/toxic waste.

  13. बंजर भूमि
    The trackless wastes of the desert

  14. कूड़ा
    Household / industrial waste

  15. फ़िज़ूलखर्ची
    A life characterized by complete waste

  16. अपव्यय
    Mindless waste of natural resources

  17. व्यर्थ की करना  =  do
    We had a wasted journey- they weren't there.(breakable).

  18. बर्बाद करना  =  ruin
    Don't waste your valuable time/food/energy.

  19. बेकार का खर्च करना  =  spend carelessly
    What waste money on clothes you don't need

  20. बरबाद करना  =  spoil
    Good cooking is wasted on him <h,0,0> ; he doesn't care what he eats.

  21. गँवा देना  =  squander
    He wasted his gold opportunity to play in the indian cricket team.

  22. दुरूपयोग करना  =  use carelessly
    Don't waste electricity.

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