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  1. heaviness
  2. something used to measure heaviness
  3. importance
  4. burden

weight Sentences in English

  1. दाब  =  force
    The weight of the water from the burst pipe caused the ceiling to collapse.

  2. भारीपन  =  heaviness
    Lead is used because of its weight.

  3. भारी वस्तु  =  heavy object
    Put weights in the hem of a curtain.

  4. प्रभाव  =  influence
    The jury were convinced by the weight of the evidence against her.

  5. भार  =  load
    The pillars have to support the weight of the roof.

  6. वजन  =  measure
    My weight is 48 kilos.

  7. बाट  =  metal piece
    A 2 lb weight.

  8. वस्तु  =  object
    The doctor said he must not lift heavy weights.

  9. भार  =  responsibility
    The full weight of the decision-making falls on her.

  10. दम  =  strength
    Arguments of great weight.

  11. तौल  =  system
    Tables of weights and measures.

  12. भार-तोलन इकाई  =  object
    He placed two weights in the scale pan.

  13. महत्व
    His opinion carries great weight.

  14. लगाना  =  attach
    Weight a door.

  15. वजनदार बनाना  =  make heavy
    The stick had been weighted with lead.

  16. तैयार करना  =  prepare
    A law wighted against/towards/in favour of those owining land.

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