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  1. a short light gust of air
  2. a lefteye flounder found in coastal waters from New England to Brazil
  3. a strikeout resulting from the batter swinging at andmissing the ball for the third strike
  4. smell of an odor
  1. perceive by inhaling through the nose
  2. drive or carry as if by a puff of air
  3. strike out by swinging and missing the pitch charged as the third
  4. smoke and exhale strongly
  5. utter with a puff of air

whiff Sentences in English

  1. झोंका
    A whiff of cool air

  2. झलक
    Humanity is unregenerable and hates the language of conformity, since conformity has a whiff of the inhuman about it. - anthony burgess.

  3. कश
    Take a whiff of this pipe.

  4. उड़ कर आना
    Puffs of smoke whiffing from the chimney

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