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  1. speaking softly without vibration of the vocal cords
  2. the light noise like the noise of silk clothing or leavesblowing in the wind
  3. rumor; information expressed in soft voice
  4. trace
  5. suggestion
  1. speak softly
  2. in a low voice

whisper Sentences in English

  1. फुसफुसाहट  =  sound
    He spoke in whispers.

  2. अफ़वाह
    Whispers of scandal / i've heard whispers that the firm is likely to go bankrupt.

  3. सरसराहट
    Faint whisper of her silk dress as she walked past

  4. सरसराना  =  murmur
    A gentle breeze was whipering in/through the trees.

  5. फुसफुसाना  =  speak
    Don't you know it is rude to whisper.

  6. फुसफुसा कर बोलना
    I heard him whisper gleefully as he pointed at the poor receptionist girl.

  7. धीरे-धीरे बोलना
    The inspector whispered the instructions once again before going for the attack.

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