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will Definitions and meaning in English

  1. disposed or inclined toward
  2. not brought about by coercion or force
  3. disposed or willing to comply
  4. 41
  5. agreeable
  6. ready
  1. the act of making a choice

will Sentences in English

  1. उत्सुक  =  eager

  2. सहर्ष प्रस्तुत  =  intentional
    Willing cooperation.

  3. तैयार  =  ready
    Are you willing to accept responsibility.

  4. स्वैच्छिक
    The discipline of willing confession

  5. इच्छुक
    A willing participant / willing helpers

  6. उद्यत
    A willing participant / willing helpers

  7. इच्छा
    An act of my own willing

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