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  1. accompanying

with Sentences in English

  1. के साथ  =  against
    Fight/argue/quarrle with sb.

  2. के कारण  =  because of
    The grass was wet with rain

  3. स्  =  by means of
    What will you buy with the money

  4. स्  =  by
    Compare chalk with cheese.

  5. स्  =  from
    I could never part with this ring.

  6. से युक्त  =  having a covered
    A book with a green cover

  7. मिलाकर  =  including
    With a tip,the meal cost $30

  8. में  =  in
    I hear he's with ici now.

  9. के प्रति  =  in regard to
    Careful with the glasses.

  10. के बावजूद  =  inspite of
    With all her faults i still love her.

  11. के मामले में  =  in the case of
    With these students it's pronunciation that's the problem.

  12. के दिशा में  =  in the same direction
    Sail with the wind.

  13. के साथ
    I'm staying with a friend

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