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  1. outside

without Sentences in English

  1. बाहर  =  manner
    He awaits without for her

  2. छोड़कर  =  negation
    I went without him

  3. के बिना  =  event
    If there's no sugar we'll have to do/manage without.

  4. के बिना  =  negation
    He had gone out without his parent's permisson

  5. के खिलाफ़  =  negation
    I have done the work without his consent

  6. के बिना  =  devoid of
    The letter had been posted without a stamp.

  7. के बिना  =  in the absence of
    He couldn't live without her.

  8.  =  not
    Try and do it without making any mistakes.

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