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worthy Definitions and meaning in English

  1. having worth or merit or value
  2. being honorable or admirable
  3. worthy of being chosen especially as a spouse
  4. meriting respect or esteem
  5. having high moral qualities
  6. morally admirable
  7. honorable
  8. respectable
  1. word is often used humorously

worthy Sentences in English

  1. सुयोग्य  =  human virtuous
    A worthy gentleman

  2. आदरणीय  =  respected
    The worthy citizens of the town.

  3. उपयुक्त  =  suitable
    It was difficult to find words worth of the occasion.

  4. लायक  =  typical
    It was a performance worthy of a master.

  5. योग्य  =  desirable
    Looking for a worthy gentleman for their daughter

  6. ईमानदार
    Worthy citizens

  7. योग्य
    Worthy to be revered / worthy of acclaim

  8. नेक
    A worthy fellow

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