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  1. a twisting squeeze
  1. twist and press out of shape
  2. twist and compress, as if in pain or anguish
  3. obtain by coercion or intimidation
  4. twist, squeeze, or compress in order to extract liquid
  5. twist
  6. contort

wring Sentences in English

  1. ऐंठन
    Gave the wet cloth a wring

  2. निचोड़ना  =  squeeze
    He wrung the clothes before putting them on the line to dry.

  3. रूप बिगाड़ना
    Wringing the clay models

  4. मलना
    Wringing his hands

  5. विकृत करना
    Wringing the clay models

  6. ऐंठना
    Trying to wring the money from him

  7. उगाहना
    Trying to wring the money from him

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