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acerbic Definitions and meaning in English

  1. sour or bitter in taste
  2. harsh or corrosive in tone
  3. bitter
  4. sharp
  5. or sour

acerbic Sentences in English

  1. कटु  =  person
    She was uncharacteristically acerbic in her response.

  2. कड़वा  =  thing
    Terribly acerbic medicine

  3. खट्टा  =  thing
    Acerbic fruits like lemon

  4. तीखा  =  abstract thing
    He is of acrebic temperament.

  5. कसैला
    A strange,acerbic taste

  6. कषाय
    A strange,acerbic taste

  7. तिक्त
    An acerbic tone piercing otherwise flowery prose

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