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adequate Definitions and meaning in English

  1. (sometimes followed by `to') meeting the requirements especially of a task
  2. enough to meet a purpose
  3. about average
  4. acceptable
  5. enough
  6. able

adequate Sentences in English

  1. पर्याप्त  =  enough
    The research can not be completed without adquated funding. / an adequate supply of hot water / whenever you go on a journey take adequate water and food.

  2. काफी  =  enough
    The room was small but adequate./the space available is not adequate for our needs.

  3. समुचित  =  passable
    Her performance was adequate but lacked originality.

  4. योग्य  =  person
    She was adequate for the job.

  5. पर्याप्त  =  task
    Her training was adequate.

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