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  1. a vaguely specified concern
  2. a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship
  3. a vaguely specified social event
  4. matter or business to be taken care of; happening activity
  5. illicit sexual relationship
  6. party or celebration

affair Sentences in English

  1. समारोह  =  social event
    The wedding was a very grand affair./the party was quite an affair.

  2. घटना  =  event
    The newspapers exaggerated the whole affair wildly./the debate was a pretty disappointing affair.

  3. प्रेम-सम्बन्ध  =  sexual relationship
    She's having an affair with her husband's best friend.

  4. मामला  =  concern
    Its my private affair, you have nothing to do with it.

  5. समस्या  =  concern
    It's not my affair. / how i spend my money is my affair.

  6. वस्तु  =  object
    The machine is a complicated affair. / her hat was an amazing affair with feathers and a huge brim.

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