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  1. a sudden very loud noise
  2. a common venereal disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae
  3. loud hitting noise
  1. applaud; slap with approbation

clap Sentences in English

  1. तालियों से स्वागत  =  action
    Let's give her a big clap.(= to praise somebody at the end of a performance

  2. थपथपाहट  =  friendly slap
    Didn't like his clap on my back.

  3. भीषण गर्जन  =  noise
    Clap of thunder.

  4. ताली बजाना  =  applaud
    He audience clapped enthusiastically.

  5. ताली बजाना  =  event
    He clapped her hand in delight.

  6. पीठ थपथपाना  =  to pat
    Lap john on the back.

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