cut up meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of cut up

cut up Definitions and meaning in English

  1. cut into pieces
  1. cut to pieces
  2. destroy or injure severely
  3. separate into isolated compartments or categories
  4. significantly cut up a manuscript
  5. make fun of; criticize
  6. be rowdy
  7. chop
  8. mince

cut up Sentences in English

  1. तहस-नहस कर देना  =  destroy completely
    Cut up the enemy's forces.

  2. काटना  =  divide into small pieces
    Cut up vegetables.

  3. मार-मारकर घायल कर देना  =  injure by hitting
    He was badly cut up in the fight.

  4. से दुःखित होना  =  upset emotionally
    He was badly cut up by the death of his son.

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