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  1. clothes dryer for drying and ironing laundry by passing it between two heavy heated rollers
  1. press with a mangle
  2. injure badly by beating
  3. alter so as to make unrecognizable
  4. destroy or injure severely
  5. mutilate
  6. deform

mangle Sentences in English

  1. कपड़े निचोड़ने की मशीन  =  wringer
    a machine with two rollers used especially in the past for squeezing the water out of clothes that had been washed

  2. क्षत-विक्षतना
    His hand was mangled in the machine.

  3. बिगाड़ना
    To spoil sth, for example a poem or a piece of music, by saying it wrongly or playing it badly

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