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  1. the occurrence of a change for the worse
  2. loss of military equipment
  3. the act of damaging something or someone
  4. the amount of money needed to purchase something
  5. a legal injury is any damage resulting from a violation of alegal right
  6. injury
  7. loss
  1. inflict damage upon
  2. cause injury
  3. loss

damage Sentences in English

  1. ख़र्च  =  amount
    What will be the damage for the lubrication of the car

  2. हरजाना  =  compensation
    He sued thd company and woen rs.400000 damages.

  3. ख़र्च  =  expense
    What's the damage

  4. नुक़सान  =  harm
    The flood caused serious damage to the crops

  5. क्षति  =  harm
    The flood caused serious damage to the crops

  6. हानि  =  harm
    This could cause serious damamge to the country's economy/to her reputation.

  7. नुक़सान  =  loss
    What will be the damage of the company

  8. क्षति पहुँचाना  =  event
    Damage a fence/car/furniture.

  9. बिगाड़ना  =  spoil
    He damaged her carrer.the relation between two countries have badly damanged by this accident.

  10. बिगाड़ना  =  health
    Smoking can damage your health

  11. क्षति पहुँजाना  =  honor
    They damaged her reputation

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