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  1. directed or moving toward the rear
  2. reversed (turned backward) in order or nature or effect
  3. of the transmission gear causing backward movement in amotor vehicle
  1. a relation of direct opposition
  2. the gears by which the motion of a machine can be reversed
  3. an unfortunate happening that hinders of impedes
  4. something that is thwarting or frustrating
  5. the side of a coin or medal that does not bear the principal design
  6. (American football) a running play in which a back running in one direction hands the ball to a back running in the opposite direction
  7. turning in the opposite direction
  8. opposite
  9. bad luck; failure
  1. change to the contrary
  2. turn inside out or upside down
  3. rule against
  4. annul by recalling or rescinding
  5. turn upside down or backwards
  6. cancel
  7. change

reverse Sentences in English

  1. उल्टा  =  opposite
    The three winners were announced in reverse order.

  2. विपरीत  =  unfavourable
    Have the reverse effect.

  3. पृष्ठ भाग  =  back
    The reverse of the painting.

  4. विपरीत  =  contrary
    In the hot weather, the reverse happens.

  5. रिवर्स  =  device
    An automatic ribbon reverse.

  6. विपत्ति  =  misfoutune
    We suffered some serious financial reverses.

  7. संकट  =  problem
    We suffered some serious financial reverses.

  8. उल्टा गेअर  =  reverse gear
    Put the car into reverse.

  9. तली  =  vessel
    Maker's mark on the reverse of the plate.

  10. पूर्णतया बदल देना  =  change
    He reversed a procedure/process.

  11. विपरीत भूमिका करना  =  perform
    Husband and wife have reversed roles.

  12. उल्टा दिखना  =  reflect
    Writing is reversed in a mirror.

  13. बदल देना  =  replace
    Reverse a decision of a lower court.

  14. फिर से उठाना  =  rise
    The brothers are trying to reverse the decline of their father's company.

  15. पीछे की ओर घूमाना  =  take
    She reversed round the corner.

  16. पीछे की ओर चलना  =  travel
    Watch out! that van is reversing.

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