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  1. a state of shame or disgrace
  2. lacking honor or integrity
  3. state of shame
  1. bring shame or dishonor upon
  2. force (someone) to have sex against their will
  3. refuse to accept
  4. shame
  5. degrade

dishonor Sentences in English

  1. कलंक  =  dishonour
    Her actions have brought shame and dishonor on the profession.

  2. बेइज्जती  =  insult
    Bring dishonor on one's family.

  3. दाग लगाना  =  blemish
    Such behaviour dishonors a great traditions.

  4. मुकर जाना  =  dishonour
    He had dishonored nearly all of his election pledges

  5. कलंकित करना  =  dishonour
    You have dishonored the name of the school.

  6. अवज्ञा करना  =  disobey
    Dishonor an agreement.

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