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  1. a domain in which something is dominant
  2. a country with a king as head of state
  3. the domain ruled by a king or queen
  4. a monarchy with a king or queen as head of state
  5. one of seven biological categories: Monera or Protoctista or Plantae or Fungi or Animalia
  6. a basic group of natural objects
  7. historically
  8. an area ruled by a monarch

kingdom Sentences in English

  1. जगत  =  biology
    Zoology is a type of kingdom.

  2. राज्य  =  country
    Many many years ago, in a kingdom by the sea, lived a beautiful beggar maid.

  3. साम्राज्य  =  domain
    In akbar's kingdom, both hindus and muslims were treated alike.

  4. राज्य  =  realm
    The kingdom of the imagination

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