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minor Definitions and meaning in English

  1. of lesser importance or stature or rank
  2. lesser in scope or effect
  3. inferior in number or size or amount
  4. of a scale or mode
  5. not of legal age
  6. of lesser seriousness or danger
  7. of your secondary field of academic concentration or specialization
  8. of the younger of two boys with the same family name
  9. warranting only temporal punishment
  10. limited in size or scope
  11. insignificant
  12. small
  1. a young person of either sex
  2. person under legal age of maturity

minor Sentences in English

  1. नाबालिग
    Minor children are not supposed to see this horror film.

  2. मामुली  =  simple
    Have made some minor changes in the dictionary.

  3. लघु  =  small
    Inor industry.

  4. नाबालिग
    Minors are not allowed to drink.

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