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  1. a person's partner in marriage
  2. an associate who works with others toward a common goal
  3. a person who is a member of a partnership
  4. person who takes part with another
  1. provide with a partner
  2. act as a partner

partner Sentences in English

  1. सहयोगी  =  member
    A senior partner in a firm of solicitors.

  2. पत्नी  =  spouse
    He doesn't have a regular partner at the moment.

  3. सहयोगी  =  companion
    They are partners in crime.

  4. जोड़ीदार  =  human
    My tennis partner is an excellent player.

  5. पार्टनर  =  human
    He is my partner at bridge.

  6. जोड़ा  =  pair
    Married to each other

  7. साझीदार  =  partner
    She was made a partner in her firm.

  8. संगी  =  person
    A dancing partner.

  9. साझेदार  =  sharer
    A business partner.

  10. साथी बनना  =  event human
    We partnered all for the dance.

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