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  1. the act of relaying something
  2. electrical device such that current flowing through it inone circuit can switch on and off a current in a secondcircuit
  1. pass along
  2. control or operate by relay
  3. pass on
  4. transmit

relay Sentences in English

  1. प्रसारण  =  broadcasting
    A relay station.

  2. रिले  =  device
    An electronic device that receives radio or television signals and sends them on again with greater strength

  3. टोली  =  group
    Rescuers worked in relays to save the trapped miners.

  4. रिले  =  race
    The 4 100m relay

  5. चौकी दौड़  =  relay race
    A relay runner.

  6. नई टोली
    The wagons were pulled by relays of horses.

  7. प्रसारण करना  =  broadcast
    A concert relayed from royal albert hall.

  8. आगे भेजना  =  send
    Relay the colonel's orders to the troops.

  9. आगे भेजना
    He relayed the message to his boss.

  10. प्रसारित करना
    The game was relayed by satellite to audiences all over the world.

  11. रिले करना
    Control or operate by relay

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