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  1. the act of wiggling
  1. to move in a twisting or contorted motion, (especially when struggling)
  2. wiggle
  3. fidget

squirm Sentences in English

  1. छटपटाहट
    The child's squirms and wrigglings made it difficult to hold him.

  2. कसमसाहट
    With a hasty squirm she freed herself from him.

  3. तड़पना
    The prisoner squirmed in discomfort.

  4. मन-ही-मन लज्जित होना
    It made him squirm to think how badly he'd messed up the interview.

  5. छटपटाना
    The children were squirming restlessly in their seats.

  6. कसमसाना
    The child was squirming in her aunt's embrace.

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