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  1. measure heaviness
  2. consider
  3. contemplate
  4. have influence

weigh Sentences in English

  1. महत्वपूर्ण साबित होना  =  be important
    Her past achievements weighed in her favour as a candidate.

  2. तुलना करना  =  compare
    Weigh one plan against another.

  3. विचार करना  =  consider
    Weigh the consequences of an action/the evidence.

  4. तौलना  =  estimate
    He weighed the chain in his hand.

  5. वजन होना  =  exist
    How much do you weigh

  6. तौलना  =  measure
    He weighed wheat on the scales.

  7. उठाना  =  rise
    He weighed anchor.

  8. गौर करना
    You must weigh the pros and cons carefully.

  9. वजन करना  =  do
    The grocer weighed the rice.

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