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  1. uncomfortably cool
  2. cold
  3. raw
  4. unfriendly
  5. aloof
  1. coldness due to a cold environment
  2. an almost pleasurable sensation of fright
  3. a sensation of cold that often marks the start of an infection and the development of a fever
  4. a sudden numbing dread
  5. cold conditions
  1. depress or discourage
  2. make cool or cooler
  3. loose heat
  4. make cold
  5. discourage

chill Sentences in English

  1. ठंडा किया हुआ
    Our range of chilled products.

  2. ठण्डीई  =  cold
    Here is quite a chill in the air this morning.

  3. जुकाम  =  illness
    Atch a chill.

  4. ठंडापन  =  strained relation
    Chill in the country's relations with britain.

  5. सिहरन  =  tremble
    Chill of fear.

  6. ठंडाना
    Let the pudding chill for an hour.

  7. ठिठूर जाना  =  event
    E were chilled by the icy wind.

  8. उदासी फैलाना  =  feeling of depression
    He news of the disaster cast a chill over the party.

  9. काऋप उठना  =  frightened
    Hey were chilled at the prospect of a long and bitter war.

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