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  1. having or producing a comfortable and agreeable degree of heat or imparting or maintaining heat
  2. psychologically warm
  3. uncomfortable because of possible danger or trouble
  4. of a seeker
  5. near to the object sought
  6. moderately hot
  7. friendly
  8. kind
  9. enthusiastic
  1. in a warm manner
  1. get warm or warmer
  2. make warm or warmer
  3. heat up

warm Sentences in English

  1. जोशपूर्ण  =  sound
    The warm and mellow tones of the cello.

  2. स्नेही  =  affectionate
    She is a warm and sympathetic person.

  3. चमकीला  =  bright
    The room was furnished in warm reds and browns.

  4. समीप  =  close
    You're not even warm.shall i give you clue

  5. हार्दिक  =  hearty
    Warm congratulations.

  6. गरम  =  thermal
    The weather is a bit warmer today.

  7. गरमी  =  heat
    She gave his coat a warm by the fire.

  8. गरमी  =  place
    Come out of the cold street into the warm.

  9. गरम होना  =  become warm
    Milk is warming on the stove.

  10. तपाना  =  heat
    Warm oneself by the fire.

  11. गरम करना  =  make warm
    I'll warm some milk.

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