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dreadful Definitions and meaning in English

  1. causing fear or dread or terror
  2. exceptionally bad or displeasing
  3. very unpleasant
  4. horrible
  5. frightening

dreadful Sentences in English

  1. बेकार
    What a dreadful thing to say!

  2. त्रासदायक
    She's making a dreadful mess of things.

  3. विकट
    They suffered dreadful injuries.

  4. खराब  =  bad
    What dreadful weather.

  5. डरावना  =  cause to fear
    The noise was deradful.

  6. भयानक  =  dangerous
    A dreadful accident.

  7. अरुचिकर  =  dislike
    A dreadful meal.

  8. डरावना  =  fearsome
    A dreadful nightmare.

  9. भयंकर  =  terrible
    I'm afraid it is all a dreadful mistake.

  10. भद्दा
    Dreadful manner

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