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gross Definitions and meaning in English

  1. large
  2. fat
  3. whole
  4. crude
  5. vulgar
  6. obvious
  7. apparent
  1. total
  2. whole
  1. bring in as total

gross Sentences in English

  1. मोटा  =  fat
    A gross person.

  2. घटिया  =  inferior
    Gross behaviour.

  3. अश्लील
    A revoltingly gross expletive

  4. निरा
    Gross negligence

  5. कुल
    Gross profits

  6. घोर
    Gross incompetence

  7. सकल
    Gross profits

  8. ग्रोस  =  unit
    Two gross of apples indicates 288 apples.

  9. कुल आय  =  whole
    Gross income

  10. अर्जित करना  =  gain
    Her last movie grossed two millions dollars.

  11. कमाना  =  gain
    Her last movie grossed two millions dollars.

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