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  1. constituting the full quantity or extent
  2. complete
  3. including everything
  4. without conditions or limitations
  5. complete in extent or degree and in every particular
  6. thorough
  1. the whole amount
  2. a quantity obtained by addition
  3. whole
  1. add up in number or quantity
  2. determine the sum of
  3. add up

total Sentences in English

  1. संपूर्ण  =  amount
    Total amount owed

  2. संपूर्ण  =  matter complete
    Total effect of play

  3. पूर्ण  =  war
    Total war

  4. पूर्ण  =  state
    Total failure

  5. कुल  =  amount
    Add the several items to find out the total

  6. जोड़ लगाना  =  money
    Total the money

  7. जोड़ना  =  number
    Total the number

  8. जोड़ लगाना  =  quantity
    Total the quantity

  9. जोड़ना
    Total all the people in this town to those of the neighboring town.

  10. होना
    The bills totaled to rs. 2000/-.

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