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  1. not thin
  2. of a specific thickness or of relatively great extent from one surface to the opposite usually in the smallest of the three solid dimensions
  3. closely crowded together
  4. relatively dense in consistency
  5. spoken as if with a thick tongue
  6. wide from side to side
  7. hard to pass through because of dense growth
  8. (of darkness) very intense
  9. abundant
  10. heavy and compact in form or stature
  11. (used informally) associated on close terms
  12. used informally 1
  13. abundantly covered or filled
  14. deep
  15. bulky
  16. concentrated
  17. dense
  18. crowded
  19. packed
  20. stupid
  21. dense (referring to weather)
  22. friendly
  23. unreasonable
  1. the location of something surrounded by other things
  1. with a thick consistency
  2. in quick succession

thick Sentences in English

  1. मोटा  =  thin, state
    A thick sandwick

  2. गहरा  =  darkness
    A thick darkness

  3. गाढा  =  fog
    A thick fog

  4. बहुसंखयक  =  font
    A thick font of soldiers

  5. गाढा  =  food
    A thick soup

  6. मोटा  =  hair
    Thick hair

  7. मूर्ख  =  human
    He can handle routine tasks, but he's rather thick

  8. घनिष्ठ  =  language
    His words were slurred

  9. गहरा  =  mark
    A heavy black mark

  10. गहन  =  population
    A dense population

  11. भारी  =  rain
    Heavy rain in the month of june

  12. ठोस  =  river
    A thick water

  13. धुँधला  =  smoke
    A thick smoke

  14. मोटा  =  thing
    A thick cream

  15. मोटा  =  tree
    A thick banayan tree

  16. गहनी  =  vegetation
    A dense vegetation

  17. मोटा  =  voice
    A thick speech of the drunkard

  18. धुँधला  =  wheather
    The air was so thick we could scarely breathe

  19. मोटपन से  =  manner
    The blood was flowing thick

  20. लगातार
    Misfortunes come fast and thick.

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