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Pronunciation of broad

broad Definitions and meaning in English

  1. having great (or a certain) extent from one side to the other
  2. broad in scope or content
  3. not detailed or specific
  4. lacking subtlety
  5. obvious
  6. being at a peak or culminating point
  7. very large in expanse or scope
  8. (of speech) heavily and noticeably regional
  9. showing or characterized by broad-mindedness
  10. wide physically
  11. extensive
  12. full
  13. liberal
  14. vulgar
  1. slang term for a woman
  2. a woman

broad Sentences in English

  1. चौड़ा  =  narrow, state
    Broad street

  2. स्थूल  =  human
    He is tall, broad and muscular

  3. विस्तृत  =  knowledge
    A modern doctor must have broad knowledge of medicine

  4. चौड़ा  =  street
    Broad street

  5. मोटा  =  thing
    A broad book

  6. फैला हुआ  =  thing
    A river twenty metres broad

  7. प्रभावशाली  =  work
    Broad work of art

  8. चौड़ा  =  broad
    The desk was three feet broad

  9. अश्लील  =  coarse
    He always tells broad humour/jokes

  10. बड़ा  =  extensive
    There is broad support for the government policies.

  11. साधारण  =  general
    I will just give you broad idea of the planbroad rule

  12. उदार  =  generous
    A man of broad views/nature

  13. मुख्य  =  main
    This is a broad storybroad outlines of the subject

  14. विस्तृत  =  unspecific
    A broad rule / the broad outlines of the plan

  15. मोटा  =  thick-thin
    A broad book

  16. विस्तृत  =  wide
    A broad river

  17. व्यापक
    A broad agreement/term/rule

  18. स्पष्ट
    She gave us a broad hint that it was time to leave.

  19. विस्तृत
    A broad lawn

  20. पूर्णतः  =  fully
    He was broad awake

  21. पूर्णतः  =  manner
    He was broad awake

  22. औरत  =  female
    A broad is woman who can throw a mean punch

  23. विस्तृत भाग  =  wide part
    Broad of the back

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