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  1. investigate scientifically
  2. conduct an inquiry or investigation of
  3. check into thoroughly

investigate Sentences in English

  1. पता लगाना  =  check
    `What was that noise outside'i'll just go and investigate.

  2. पता लगाना  =  discover
    Scientists are investigating the cause of the crash.

  3. जाँच करना  =  enquiry case
    The police were baffled,and the cbi was called in to investigate.

  4. जाँच पड़्ताल करना  =  enquiry
    Application for government posts are always throughly investigated before being appointed.

  5. छान बीन करना  =  examine
    Investigate complaints.

  6. जांचना  =  interrogation
    Investigate the market for a product.

  7. सोच विचार करना  =  think
    We might be able to help you <h,0,0> ;i'll investigate the possibilities.

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