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  1. a sudden impact
  2. an abrupt spasmodic movement
  3. surprise; sudden push
  1. move or cause to move with a sudden jerky motion
  2. disturb (someone's) composure
  3. surprise; push suddenly

jolt Sentences in English

  1. हिचकोला  =  jerk
    Stop with a jolt.

  2. धक्का  =  shock
    The news of the accident gave her a nasty jolt.

  3. हिचकोले मारना  =  shake human
    He was jolted forward by the movement of the bus.

  4. हिलाना  =  shake
    Be jolted from one's sleep.

  5. हिला देना  =  shake
    An earthquake jolted australia's tallest buildings.

  6. झटका खाना
    The truck jolted and rattled over the rough ground.

  7. झटका देना
    His remark jolted her into action.

  8. हिला देना
    An earthquake jolted australia's tallest building.

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