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  1. building material used as siding or roofing
  2. frothy drink of milk and flavoring and sometimes fruit or ice cream
  3. a note that alternates rapidly with another note a semitone above it
  4. grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract)
  5. reflex shaking caused by cold or fear or excitement
  6. causing to move repeatedly from side to side
  1. move or cause to move back and forth
  2. move with or as if with a tremor
  3. shake or vibrate rapidly and intensively
  4. move back and forth or sideways
  5. undermine or cause to waver
  6. stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of
  7. get rid of
  8. bring to a specified condition by or as if by shaking
  9. shake (a body part) to communicate a greeting, feeling, or cognitive state
  10. quiver
  11. tremble
  12. upset deeply

shake Sentences in English

  1. बाजी  =  game
    He threw an eight on his last shake

  2. कम्पन  =  trembling
    We knew he'd get the shakes he saw the enemy

  3. हिलाना
    The chemist shook the flask vigorously.

  4. कांपना  =  cold
    Shaking with cold

  5. हिला देना  =  agitate
    The experience shook him badly

  6. घुमाना  =  brandish
    To shake the stick at someone

  7. हाथ मिलाना  =  greet human
    Let's shake hands

  8. परीक्षण करना  =  test
    Shake down the ship

  9. दुर्बल करना  =  weaken
    To shake one's faith

  10. डालना  =  human
    We took the bottle and shook two aspirins into his hands

  11. हिल जाना  =  state
    They were badly shaken in the accident

  12. हाथ मिलाना  =  agreement
    He has a strong hand

  13. हिला देना  =  event human
    The dad new has shook her hopes

  14. हिलाना  =  building train
    The whole building shakes when the train passes

  15. हिलाना  =  liquid
    Shake the liquid before using it

  16. हिलाना  =  part of body
    Shake your head

  17. हिलाकर डालना  =  powder
    Shake salt on the food

  18. झड़ना  =  sand
    Sand shakes off easily.

  19. हिलाना  =  thing
    Don't shake the swing

  20. हिलाना  =  tree
    We shook the tree

  21. हिलाना  =  tree fruits
    We shook the fruits from the tree

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