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  1. any bundle of nerve fibers running to various organs and tissues of the body
  2. the courage to carry on
  3. impudent aggressiveness
  4. daring
  5. boldness
  1. get ready for something difficult or unpleasant
  2. strengthen
  3. hearten

nerve Sentences in English

  1. हिम्मत  =  attitude
    He's got a nerve,trying to tell me what to do./ he had the nerve to question my honesty.

  2. नस  =  body
    Nerve tissues

  3. रोग  =  disease
    An attack of nerve

  4. शिरा  =  tendon
    To strain every nerve

  5. साहस
    You haven't got the nerve for baseball.

  6. मज़बूत करना  =  event human
    The parachutist nerved himself for the jump

  7. हिम्मत लाना  =  human
    I nerved myself to go to the dentist

  8. शक्तिशाली बनाना  =  success
    She is nerving herself for a final confrontation

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