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  1. the verbal act of offering
  2. something offered (as a proposal or bid)
  3. a usually brief attempt
  4. proposal
  5. suggestion
  1. make available or accessible, provide or furnish
  2. present for acceptance or rejection
  3. agree freely
  4. put forward for consideration
  5. offer verbally
  6. make available for sale
  7. propose a payment
  8. produce or introduce on the stage
  9. present as an act of worship
  10. mount or put up
  11. make available
  12. provide
  13. ask (someone) to marry you
  14. threaten to do something
  15. try

offer Sentences in English

  1. नियुक्ति-प्रस्ताव  =  appointment
    They sent him an offer but he turned it down.

  2. सस्ती बिक्री  =  cheap sale
    There is a special offer, buy one get one free.

  3. भेंट  =  offering
    They have accepted an offer of 500000rs.

  4. ऑफर  =  opportunity
    A film offer.

  5. प्रस्ताव  =  proposal
    An offer of assistance.

  6. प्रस्ताव  =  proposal, marriage
    She turned down her marriage proposal.

  7. बलि देना  =  god
    Most of the hindus offer goats to the goddess kali on the seventh day of dashahara.

  8. अर्पण करना  =  event
    Offer to god.

  9. प्रदान करना  =  give
    They offered him a very good job.

  10. देना  =  give
    Offer some coffee to the guest.

  11. प्रस्तुत करना  =  present
    I'd like to offer some new ideas provided you implement it.

  12. पेश करना  =  put forward
    He offered no explanations for his actions.

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