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  1. confused movement
  2. the shape of something rotating rapidly
  3. a usually brief attempt
  4. the act of rotating rapidly
  5. spin
  6. revolution
  7. commotion
  8. confusion
  9. attempt
  1. turn in a twisting or spinning motion
  2. cause to spin
  3. flow in a circular current, of liquids
  4. revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis
  5. fly around
  6. spin around

whirl Sentences in English

  1. उथलपुथल  =  chaos
    An endless whirl of parties.

  2. चक्र  =  circle
    The performers danced round in a whirl of colour.

  3. उधेड़-बुन  =  confusion
    My mind is in a complete whirl.

  4. घुमाव  =  revolving
    The whirl of the propeller blades.

  5. घूमना  =  mind
    I couldn't asleep <h,0,0> ; my mind was still whirling from all i had seen and heard.

  6. तेजी से घूमाना  =  move
    He whirled his partner round the dance floor.

  7. तेजी से घूमना  =  revolve
    The whirling blades of fan.

  8. भँवर में बहना
    Flow in a circular current, of liquids

  9. तेज़ी से गुज़रना
    The houses whirled past us as the train gathered speed.

  10. यहाँ-वहाँ उड़ना
    Rising smoke whirled in the air.

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