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  1. the action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with
  2. the relation between opposed entities
  3. the act of opposing groups confronting each other
  4. a contestant that you are matched against
  5. a body of people united in opposing something
  6. a direction opposite to another
  7. an armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force)
  8. a political party opposed to the party in power and prepared to replace it if elected
  9. obstruction
  10. antagonism
  11. person
  12. people competing

opposition Sentences in English

  1. विरौधी पक्ष  =  politician
    Opposition leader.

  2. विपक्ष  =  parliament
    A political party in opposition.

  3. विरोधी दल  =  politics
    His proposals were turned down by the opposition.

  4. बाधा  =  obstacle
    We'll have to ignore such minor obstacles.

  5. विरोध  =  person
    There was a great deal of opposition to the war.

  6. प्रतिरोध  =  resistance
    Fierce opposition.

  7. प्रतिद्वंदी  =  rival
    He passed the ball to the opposition by mistake.

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