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  1. hold back to a later time
  2. cause to feel intense dislike or distaste
  3. take away the enthusiasm of
  4. cause to feel embarrassment
  5. avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues)
  6. defer
  7. delay

put off Sentences in English

  1. रद्द करना  =  cancel
    We've invited frinders to supper and it's too late to put them off now.

  2. टाल देना  =  delay
    We've had to put our wedding off until september.

  3. पसन्द न आना  =  dislike
    He's very clever,but his manner tend to put people off.

  4. बाधा डालना  =  disturb
    Dont be put me off when i'm trying to concentrate.

  5. उतारना  =  leave out
    I asked the bus driver to put me off near the railway station.

  6. रुची कम होना  =  lose interest
    She was put off science by bad teaching at school.

  7. टालना  =  postpone
    Indian cricket board puff the series off until september.

  8. बुझा देना  =  put out
    Could you put the lights off before you leave

  9. बुझाना  =  put out
    Could you put the light off before you leave.

  10. स्थगित करना  =  stop
    Now put off the meeting.

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