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  1. deceive
  2. fool
  3. understand

take in Sentences in English

  1. लेना  =  absorb
    Fish take in oxygen through their gills.

  2. घर में आने देना  =  allow
    He was homeless, so we took him in.

  3. शामिल करना  =  cover
    Her lecture took in all the recent developments in the subjects.

  4. धोखा देना  =  deceive
    You won't take me that easily!

  5. काम लेना  =  do extra work
    She supplements her pension by taking in washing.

  6. देखनेना  =  go to see
    I generally try to take in a show when i'm in new york on business

  7. ले लेना  =  include
    The united kingdom takes in england,wales,scotland and northern ireland.

  8. छोटा करना  =  make narrow
    This dress needs to be taken in at the waist.

  9. गौर से देखना  =  observe
    He took in every detail of her appearance.

  10. समझना  =  understand
    I hope you are taking in what i'm saying.

  11. गोद लेना
    They have taken in two children from nicaragua.

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