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  1. on the inside
  2. inside

within Sentences in English

  1. अंदर  =  inside
    Cleaner required.apply within.

  2. मन में  =  inwardly
    He spoke within his mind

  3. के भीतर  =  internally
    Within its walls

  4. के अंदर  =  internally
    Within the city

  5. के अंदर  =  inside
    There have been a lot of changes within the department since i joinedthe noise seems to be coming from within the building.

  6. में  =  inside the limits of
    He finds it hard to live within his income/means.

  7. के अन्दर  =  inside the limits of
    I'd prefer you to keep this information within the family.

  8. में  =  period
    Her car has been broken into three times within a month

  9. के अंदर  =  period
    Within three minutes

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