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  1. cover from sight
  2. place in a grave or tomb
  3. place in the earth and cover with soil
  4. enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing
  5. embed deeply
  6. dismiss from the mind
  7. stop remembering
  8. lay to rest after death
  9. conceal
  10. cover
  11. plant in ground
  12. engross oneself

bury Sentences in English

  1. दफ़नाना  =  clergy
    The clergy has buried the dead body.

  2. डुबा देना  =  activity oneself
    He buried himself in his work.

  3. समा लेना  =  absorb
    The huge tide buried small boats.

  4. समाप्तएना  =  end
    He buried all the complicated matters within 2 months.

  5. भूला देना  =  forget
    He buried an old quarrels

  6. छुपाना  =  hide
    My socks are buried somewhere in this drawer.

  7. दफ़नाना  =  dead person
    He buried his father's body.

  8. छिपा लेना  =  face
    She buried her face in her hands.

  9. छुपाना  =  feeling
    You should not bury your feelings.

  10. डालना  =  hand
    He burried his hands in his pockets.

  11. डुबाना  =  head
    He burried his head into the water.

  12. गाड़ देना  =  human
    He buried himself alive

  13. छिपा देना  =  money
    He buried all his money

  14. छुपाना  =  thing
    He buried his valuables under barbage.

  15. जमीन में गाड़ देना  =  treasure
    He buried all the treasure

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