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  1. a gait in which steps and hops alternate
  2. a mistake resulting from neglect
  1. bypass
  2. intentionally fail to attend
  3. jump lightly
  4. leave suddenly
  5. bound off one point after another
  6. cause to skip over a surface
  7. bounce or jump over
  8. avoid
  9. miss

skip Sentences in English

  1. टोकरा  =  container
    Please put all the rubbish into a skip!

  2. कूद
    How many skips can you do wihtout stopping

  3. चूक
    There were a number of skips in the article.

  4. उछल-कूद करना
    The children were skipping about in the field.

  5. कूदता रहना
    She kept skipping from one topic of coversation to another.

  6. चुपके से भाग जाना  =  leave secretly
    The bombers skipped the country shortly after the blast.

  7. रस्सी कूदना
    He skips for about 20 minutes a day.

  8. भाग जाना  =  leave hastily
    She persuaded him to skip town.

  9. छोड़ देना
    I often skip breakfast altogether./ he skipped a lecture.

  10. छोड़ देना  =  leave
    She skipped the next chapter as she had covered the topic in class.

  11. छिछलाना
    The boys were skipping stones across the pond.

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