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  1. a crushing remark
  2. an electric circuit that cuts off a receiver when the signalbecomes weaker than the noise
  1. suppress or crush completely
  2. make a sucking sound
  3. walk through mud or mire
  4. to compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition
  5. suppress
  6. restrain

squelch Sentences in English

  1. करारा जवाब
    The senator's squelch to the journalists

  2. मुँहतोड़ जवाब
    The senator's squelch to the journalists

  3. फच-फच  =  sound
    As the hikers walked down the path by the house, she could hear the squelch of their boots in the mud.

  4. फचाक
    He pulled his foot out of the mud with a squelch.

  5. कीचड़ में से जाना
    We had to squelch across the wet meadow.

  6. पिचकाना
    To squelch an aluminum can

  7. मुँह बंद कर देना
    The senator thoroughly squelched the journalist who tried to interrupt him during his speech.

  8. कुचल डालना
    To squelch a rumour / strike / fire

  9. फच-फच करना
    The mud squelched as i walked through it. / her wet shoes squelched at every step.

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