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  1. a long wooden bench with a back
  1. settle into a position, usually on a surface or ground
  2. bring to an end
  3. become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style
  4. become resolved, fixed, established, or quiet
  5. establish or develop as a residence
  6. come to rest 1
  7. become clear by the sinking of particles
  8. arrange or fix in the desired order
  9. accept despite complete satisfaction
  10. end a legal dispute by arriving at a settlement
  11. dispose of 2
  12. form a community
  13. come as if by falling
  14. straighten out
  15. resolve
  16. calm
  17. relieve
  18. come to rest; fall
  19. make one's home

settle Sentences in English

  1. फ़ैसला सुनाना
    The case was settled. / the judge settled the case in favor of the plaintiff.

  2. ठहरना  =  bird come to rest
    A bird settled on the bough

  3. निश्चय करना  =  human matter
    We finally settled the argument

  4. तय करना  =  human, money
    She settled for lower price

  5. बस् ज्ना  =  pilgrims, place migrate
    The pilgrims settled in london

  6. शांत होना  =  compose quite
    I'll will wait until the class settles before starting the lessons

  7. बैठना  =  go under
    The raft settle and its occupants drowned

  8. चुक्ना  =  pay organisation
    The insurance company took a long time to settle her claim

  9. बस ज्ना  =  permanent house, place
    We settled in london

  10. जा बैठना  =  sit place
    He settled himself in the chair

  11. स्थिर करना  =  stop words
    A sharp words settle that youngsters

  12. बस ज्ना  =  human
    She married and settled close to her parents

  13. संजौता करना  =  event human
    He settled with his friends

  14. बैठ ज्ना  =  cough chest
    The cough settled in her chest

  15. तय करना  =  date
    To settle one's wedding date

  16. निबट्ना  =  dispute
    To settled the dispute

  17. जम ज्ना  =  dust
    The dust settled on table

  18. जम्ना  =  ground
    Stir the coffee to settle the ground

  19. बस्ना  =  human, place resident
    They settled the immigrants in urban areas

  20. स्थापित करना  =  land, human
    This land was settled by germans

  21. निबट्ना  =  problem
    To settle one's problem

  22. लग्ना  =  arrange
    She settle the teacart

  23. निबट्ना  =  war
    To settle the war

  24. संजौता करना  =  human
    He finally settled with his old enemy

  25. ठेहरना  =  night, hotel
    We settled down for a night in an old country inn

  26. निर्णय देना
    The case was settled. / the judge settled the case in favor of the plaintiff.

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