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  1. the season when the leaves fall from the trees
  2. a sudden drop from an upright position
  3. the lapse of mankind into sinfulness because of the sin of Adam and Eve
  4. a downward slope or bend
  5. a lapse into sin
  6. pass suddenly and passively into a state of body or mind
  7. come under, be classified or included
  8. fall from clouds
  9. suffer defeat, failure, or ruin
  10. decrease in size, extent, or range
  11. die, as in battle or in a hunt
  12. touch or seem as if touching visually or audibly
  13. be captured
  14. occur at a specified time or place
  15. yield to temptation or sin
  16. lose office or power
  17. to be given by assignment or distribution
  18. move in a specified direction
  19. be due
  20. lose one's chastity
  21. to be given by right or inheritance
  22. come into the possession of
  23. fall to somebody by assignment or lot
  24. be inherited by
  25. slope downward
  26. lose an upright position suddenly
  27. drop oneself to a lower or less erect position
  28. fall or flow in a certain way
  29. assume a disappointed or sad expression
  30. be cast down
  31. come out
  32. issue
  33. be born, used chiefly of lambs
  34. begin vigorously
  35. go as if by falling
  36. come as if by falling
  37. descent; lowering
  1. descend; become lower
  2. be overthrown by an enemy; surrender
  3. happen

fall Sentences in English

  1. शरद ऋतु  =  autumn
    In the fall of 1973

  2. गिरावट  =  drop
    There is a fall in the price.

  3. पतझड़  =  autumn
    In the fall of 1973

  4. शरद ऋतु  =  season
    In the fall of 1973

  5. शाम  =  nightfall
    Be sure to come home before the fall of night.

  6. लगना  =  arrow
    Arrow falls on the target

  7. पहुँचना  =  cloth
    The burkha falls to her toes

  8. झुकना  =  eye
    Her eyes fell before his steady gaze

  9. पदावनत होना  =  rank, rank
    Fell from the rank of general to lieutenant

  10. लगना  =  lottery human
    The winning numbers fell in his favour

  11. गिरना  =  reading level
    Mercury level fell

  12. बिगड़ना  =  weather
    Because the weather fell, the adventurers had to take shelter

  13. पड़नाअना  =  begin
    He fell asleep

  14. पड़ना  =  human, event
    Their choice fell upon him

  15. गिर पड़ना  =  place
    He fell down

  16. के हिस्से में आना
    The house fell to the oldest son.

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